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About Me

Mary-Robb Wilson is an American author of the children’s book, Soulshine.

She’s also a mother to three young children… who flood her home with
love – curiosity– and laundry!

Like most children, this curiosity peeks right around bedtime.


              “Mommy, how big is the universe?”
             “Daddy, can I have another snack?
                 “Mommy, what does it mean to have a soul?”


As these existential questions pile up at the end of a long day
… so too, do the dishes in the sink!
         The lunchboxes to be packed!
                 And, the laundry to be folded!

But somewhere, in the midst of it all, there’s a sacred reminder to slow down. The dishes can wait and the laundry will always pile up.

After marveling at the weight of that last soulful question, Mary-Robb found that she didn’t want to rush in with all the answers … but rather, make space for more wonder and curiosity to emerge.

The truth is, she also wrote this book for herself. It was everything she needed to hear, at a time when she felt her own creative self had gone to seed.

Mary-Robb believes that good children’s literature has the power to do just that. When lofty subject matter is distilled down, it can open you up in tender – beautiful – uplifting ways, regardless of your age.

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Soulshine is a collector’s edition, crossover title that grows with age.
It is beloved as a children’s book and equally resonates with adults and every age in between. 

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