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Hopefully Soulshine serves
as a springboard for conversations...
those we share with each other
and those which are the most intimate
and courageous conversations

with yourself.


Spend time with a child
and you’re sure to glimpse
the soul’s unguarded expression.

Spend time with two children
and you’re sure to recognize
what makes them uniquely different
from each other.

Whether you are 10 or 100,
this conversation is ageless.


We know our light when we are very young!

SS_Kids tree.png

Children have a natural knowingness.

That’s why, on matters of the soul,
adults should often begin with,
“what does the child within me need?”

For all of these reasons,
Soulshine is a children’s book
that grows with age.

It is meant to affirm the child
and invite the adult to reconnect.


Hopefully it stirs joy,
encourages curiosity,
and awakens wonder in

Soulshine is a collector’s edition, crossover title that grows with age. It is beloved as a children’s book and equally resonates with adults and every age in between. 

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