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Chelsea Weisel

Chelsea was once a child too, with many collections of crayons, paints, and markers to draw what she saw around her. She first started painting at age two and loved to paint before breakfast, beginning the day with rainbows, trees, and self-portraits with big belly buttons!


Chelsea’s passion for painting grew throughout her schooling. Now, as an artist, she likes to paint all kinds of things—like a juicy orange, a wave crashing on a rock, and the stars in the wild
night sky. She sees beauty everywhere, always travels with a paint set, and once challenged herself to paint every day for 100 days in a row! She is gleefully passing down this love of ‘playing’ with paint to her toddler, who’s favorite medium is food colored yogurt!


This is her first children’s book. Chelsea lives in the Sierra Foothills of California with her husband, son, and three chickens.

You can visit her online at


Alexa Hartley Photography 


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